The Brief History of Outpouring Comics

Outpouring Comics started with a couple of GM friends Role Playing together and creating stories while in college. These stories evolved and two of the Role Players eventually went on to start their own universes, characters, and stories. In June 2012 we found a way to merge the universes together and brought about the concept of what would become Outpouring Comics. We officially formed in December 2013 and printed our first comic, VODA #1 , that we took with us to our debut convention, Asbury Park Comic Con in April 2014.

We received an impressive response to our first title and have been constantly expanding our brand and developing our company since. 2014 brought us Don Smith and Dave Black with their works to the Outpouring Network.

2015 was a great year for expansion of the Network with signings of works from John Orlando, Rusty Gilligan, James Schumacher, and James Burton as well as the release of a new Outpouring Universe title Manifest Destiny (now titled Necrotzar) written and illustrated by Chris Rubenstahl.

In 2016 we started the year by signing Adam Atkinson's Psychosis and Mike Heitkemper's Freedom Fighter. 2016 also brought about a huge change to Outpouring since we determined at the end of the second quarter that we had severely drifted from our original vision and determined the best course of actions to get back to our roots was to discontinue our Network of creator owned published books and refocus on creating our stories as novels and sequential art.

Our First Online Presence

We made our first site without knowing a lot about coding or CMS systems as a whole and went with the big name Wordpress CMS. We quickly moved on from this CMS system as it didn't really suit our needs and where we were going as a company. We keep the site live and intend to for as long as possible to remind us where we have come from and give encouragement for where we are going. We started the Wordpress version in June 2012 and moved on from it in December 2012.

You can still find our First site here

The Second Website

Thinking ourselves a little wiser we moved on from Wordpress and onto a WYSIWYG page builder through our host. We had this site as the main site from December 2012 through December 2013 before moving to the third incarnation of our website. If you ever overhear any of our managers mentioning the blue website and then drop their heads in shame this is the site we are referring to.

You can still find our Second site here

The Third Website

We finally found a CMS system that we liked in Concrete5. The third website was great when we created it and would still be suitable for the entirety of 2016 when we moved on from it but we noticed many of our direct competition was starting to take their web presences more seriously so we felt we had to up our game again. This introduced the world to the latest incarnation of the Outpouring Comics website.

You can still find our Third site here

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