Deadeye: Cursed by the Outpouring

Friday October 14, 2016 07:56:pm

As part of the new Outpouring Comics movement of getting back to what we love doing, we will be both restarting and transitioning the direction of this blog. Each week we will be discussing the characters that inspired us to create Outpouring Comics in the first place, starting with the ones you already know. We will be diving into their lives to find out what made them into who they are in their first appearance and telling you how to find out more about their story. You will still be able to find out all of Outpouring's news through our social media and through our mailing list, which will be launching this Monday, but this blog will no longer be a news source. We hope you will enjoy us sharing more about our characters with you. Today's spotlight is on the main protagonist of our flagship series: Deadeye.

For anyone who has read VODA issue 1 you will know that Deadeye is seen killing one of his many victims on just the second page of the book. The reader starts following him when he is a hardened criminal who will stop at nothing to get the information he desires. What made him this way? What are his true motives? Did he ever find what he was looking for? Some of those questions are partially answered in the first three installments of VODA, and a little more clarity will be brought to them in VODA's comeback in the Renegade Alliance Anthology. I will fill you in on the rest.

Before an Outpouring gave the Earth its powers, Deadeye was the leader of a biker gang. His gang of vigilantes offered protection to small towns surrounding the northern region of Death Valley in Nevada. In exchange for this protection, these towns provided them with lodging, food, etc. The life of a rogue "peacekeeper" suited Deadeye well and he wouldn't have traded it for anything. Then, one day, that all changed.

On the day Earth received an Outpouring of powers, Deadeye became cursed. He too received this "marvelous blessing" that impacted a small portion of the population, but unlike others, his powers only brought him misery. You see, among the powers Deadeye received one of them was the ability to instantly kill with direct eye contact. And this power hit him as he was enjoying a drink with his buddies at the local tavern.

What happened after that is still a mystery to Deadeye to this day. All he knows is that he blacked out and when he came too his whole gang and everyone else in the bar was dead. Their lifeless bodies littered the floor as a black haze consumed where their eyes used to be. He quickly realized that the same black haze was emitting from his eyes too and began to fear the worse. He ran out into the streets and the worse was confirmed as he ran into the sheriff and his men. Moments later, they too lied lifeless on the ground with the same dark haze coming from where their eyes used to be. Panicked, Deadeye jumped on his bike and road away.

The Outpouring had made him a monster and he was now going to make the world pay for his misfortune. He set out on his revenge tour to quickly find out that it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. He was many times overwhelmed as he barely escaped with his life and was soon the most wanted man in the area he once protected. He couldn't go anywhere without someone else recognizing him, and with every senseless death he only increased his misery. He knew he couldn't do it alone anymore and set out to form his Valley of Death Alliance.

What did Deadeye really hope to accomplish with VODA? He told Mr. Mole and Gorilla Ghost in the first 3 issues that it was so they could punish a world that turned its back on them. Like Deadeye, they had both experience hurt from their powers and soon joined his cause. But that's not what any of them truly wanted: they wanted a family, they wanted a second chance.

The relaunch of VODA that we will be following in the Renegade Alliance Anthology shows Deadeye starting to get what he really wanted all along. He, Mr. Mole, Gorilla Ghost, Ningina and Granny have begun to form a tight knit family who have begun offering their services for a chance to live life on the surface again. Plenty of the world will still be unforgiving to this team of former villains, but they finally have a reason to care again: each other.

Next Friday:

Mr. Mole: Little Brother

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