Gorilla Ghost: Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Monday October 31, 2016 06:24:pm

Welcome back for the third installment in our character background series! This week we will be featuring our most popular character to date, the third member of the original VODA trinity: Gorilla Ghost!

Gorilla Ghost was just a normal primate in the St. Louis Zoo when the Outpouring hit the Earth. By normal we mean prized specimen of a gorilla that appeared to be pinnacle of perfection of both strength and intelligence of his species. People would come from miles around to see Maurice and his trainer do tricks with each other. Gorilla Ghost loved his trainer and wouldn't have left the zoo even if he had the option. Life was good.

Then, on that dreaded day his world was taken from him. His trainer was on the way to his cage for the afternoon show when the primate gained sapience and suddenly felt overwhelming strength flow through its body. Gorilla Ghost was shocked by the sudden change to his body, wondering what just happened. He didn't have long to get adjusted before he heard shrieks of horror as flames filled the pathway in front of his cage. It took him a few moments to realize that someone was shooting flames out of their hands and attacking those who came to see his show.

Enraged by what he saw, Gorilla Ghost broke the door off his cage and began to charge the man. The shot a burst of flame at the gorilla and though it stunned Gorilla Ghost it barely did anything else. Maurice was shocked at what just happened as was his assailant. The man began to run before the gorilla came regained his senses. Meanwhile, his trainer came running around the corner when she saw her friend getting attacked. The scene that unfolded before Gorilla Ghost's eyes was forever burned into his memory.

The flaming assailant torched his trainer, his friend right before his eyes. He heard her screams of agony as her flesh was immediately burned off of her body. The villain continued to run and attack anyone who came into his path. Gorilla Ghost couldn't snap out of it at first, as horror and remorse paralyzed his body, but he eventually came back to his senses. He was pissed.

Gorilla Ghost bellowed out a roar of agony that shook the ground beneath their feet. Then with a single bound he leaped in front of the man who had slain his best friend. The foe turned white as a sheet and froze in terror. Before the man could even make his next move, his head was punched clean off of his body. Gorilla Ghost was shocked at what he just did, enough to the point where his unbelief subsided his rage. Soon he remembered his friend and rushed back to her side.

It didn't take him long to realize there was nothing he could do with her skeletal remains. He wailed in agony as he mourned the death of his friend. That wail was misinterpreted, however, as a challenge to the SWAT that had arrived on the scene. They immediately began to open fire on the one they assumed was responsible for the carnage. Gorilla Ghost tried to hold up his hands in surrender, but the bombardment of gunfire and the trauma he had just experienced was just too much to handle.

Gorilla Ghost went into a blind rage and just began to flail in self defense. He then blacked out for a few moments, having no memory of the following events. By the time he came to he couldn't believe what he saw. The SWAT vans had been destroyed, several cages had been obliterated. Dead SWAT members, animals and innocent bystanders littered the ground. Some had bullet wounds and others were torched, but most appeared to be killed by a strong, blunt force. Gorilla Ghost was mortified by what he had just done. He fell to the ground in complete shock and curled into a fetal position.

He stayed that way for who knows how long, but finally the sounds of sirens broke him out of it. Then he ran.

In the days and weeks that followed the law and even government began to hunt him. He eventually convinced himself that he could do nothing but fight back. He discovered he had the ability to turn invisible in addition to his super strength and resistance, as he used all of his powers to wage war on those who declared it on him. By day he was a killing machine, by night a lonely animal crying and invisible in his cage.

Eventually, his foes stopped directly confronting him and just abandoned the zoo, setting primate traps in the surrounding area. Gorilla Ghost was trapped in this new, surreal world, occasionally killing just to keep people afraid of him. He hoped for the day that something would change, knowing that nothing would ever be the same.

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