Humble Beginnings

Thursday February 25, 2016 10:30:pm

Hello everyone! Tonight we are going to dive into our new Wednesday series following all things roleplay. Each week we will covering something a little different. There will stories of Outpouring roleplay past, present and future. There will be interviews with people about their roleplay experiences. And occasionally news from the world of roleplay. Tonight we will be start at the beginning, as in Outpouring's beginning and the first ever roleplay in the universe: Psychotic Revolution.

The whole thing began back in 2007 as I decided to run my second ever roleplay. My first one, Heroes of Time, was well received and I had a ton of fun running it so I wanted to make the next RP even more special. I chose the first edition of Mutants and Masterminds as the system and began to make the experience awesome. Soon, I was ready to launch and all I needed to do was find my team.

I began looking for six players amongst my friends as I began to tell them the premise of the RP. I shared with them how they were part of a government task force that was assigned the mission of rounding up all of the psychotics that had escaped in the recent prison break and track down those who were responsible for it. The spots were filled up quickly as everyone wanted to become a part of the action. Sarah Miller started the team with the daywalker Demona. Brandon Becker joined as the world's luckiest man, Chance Lasky. Patrick Hayes claimed the heroic leader Judge Justice. Greydon Cochrane stepped up with the tanky Brick Wall. David Richmond played as master of kinetic energy, Kineto. Kenny Stucker completed the team with the golem mystic, Golem.

This team played through the various dungeons, tracking down the psychotics and attempting to discover the cause of the outbreak as I rolled their random encounters throughout the event. The players began to notice two very important things. The first one was that I was having them encounter rivals from their backgrounds throughout the story. The second thing was that I was giving them far too much experience. They knew something serious was going to be unleashed upon them.

I don't want to give away too much of the story because this will appear as a graphic novel in a short number of years, but I will say this: the ending was completely epic and unexpected for both the players and myself. I learned a valuable lesson that day: if you give a player too much power they will take advantage of it. That, and I always wanted David Richmond in every roleplay I ran in the future.

I know many of you have heard this next part many time before, but I will say it again if someone hasn't heard how the universe was built from there. The end of the Psychotic Revolution more then set up for the sequel and that got me to thinking. I enjoyed the characters I created for the roleplay, I enjoyed the characters the other players created, and I knew I wanted to do more with both. I soon developed the greater world from Psychotic Revolution and launched my first open world event. That's a story for another time.

We've always had a ton of fun in these events no matter how big or small they were. They will continue to be a part of creating storylines for the Outpouring Universe and soon the next one will be in the works. You faithful readers will be amongst the first to hear when the next game is ready to launch. Hope you enjoy reading about our exploits as much as we enjoy playing through the.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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