Mr. Mole: Little Brother

Friday October 21, 2016 07:27:pm

Welcome back to week 2 of our Character Spotlight! This week we will be following the story of VODA's elite hacker and second member: Mr. Mole.

A small mole's life was turned upside down on the day the Earth gained powers. Mr. Mole was just your ordinary mole living beneath a junk yard one moment and the next moment he had both mutated in size and gained sapience. He quickly burrowed his way up from underground to the dump on the surface above and started to look around. The mole suddenly realized he wasn't as adaptive to the surface as he hoped he would be, but he also did not desire to return to the ground. Then something clicked.

Mr. Mole started pulling various odds and ends from different parts of the landfill as if he knew exactly what he was doing. Oddly enough he did. Within moments he had constructed goggles for himself that both protected his sensitive eyes and enhanced his senses. Astounded by that which he was able create, the young mole continued to tinker. Someone soon took notice.

Not even a few hours had gone by before Big Brother took notice of our inventor, afterall, no advanced goes unnoticed by the Elitist. The Elitist continued to watch what Mr. Mole was building until the evening, evaluating whether he was a threat or a tool to used. He watched the marsupial create goggles, a hovercraft, scanning device and even a security system. Big Brother soon realized this mole was only trying to make a safer and more convenient life for itself and decided he wanted the little guy working for him.

The Elitist waited for the mole to eat and get some good sleep before deciding to approach him the next day. Mr. Mole woke up refreshed and wondering what he would work on today, when he saw the man in black heading his direction. Mr. Mole quickly burrowed underground hoping that the stranger would walk on by, but the mysterious man simply stopped at his hole and talked into it.

The Elitist told Mr. Mole how he had been watching him the other day and that he was impressed by his skills. He then offered Mr. Mole a job working as his assistant at S-DAG (Super Division of the American Government). Mr. Mole was honored by the offer and realized that he couldn't refuse an offer from something that important. Add that to him being offered whatever supplies he needed to create cutting-edge technology, Mr. Mole felt like his dreams had come true.

Mr. Mole enjoyed working with the Elitist. One invention after another, he sought to win his mentor's approval even more by the day. Soon many in the organization started to refer to Mr. Mole as Little Brother, to which the Elitist just chuckled. Mr. Mole was making a difference and was happy as a result of it.

The little guy had really impressed the Elitist and definitely made some aspects of his life easier, however, the Elitist was anything but happy. Mr. Mole's rise wasn't part of his plan. The mole was intended to be nothing more then a tool, but many began to view them as equals. Who knows what people would think if Mr. Mole continued to learn at this accelerated rate. He couldn't afford to let the marsupial go unchecked, especially if he was ever to begin work on the Omni Project. If anyone were to find out that it existed then his secret one be compromised.

The Elitist's fears were soon brought into fruition as one day Mr. Mole discovered the plans. He was looking to files to find a new even more interesting project to start when he came across the Omni Project. Not one to back away from anything that implied great power, Mr. Mole immediately went to work. As he dove into the task he soon realized that the material needed were completely foreign to Earth and decided to ask Big Brother for direction. He had no clue he was about to open Pandora's box.

He found the Elitist and wanted to know more about these mysterious elements that did not exist. The Elitist immediately wanted to know how he found out about the Omni Project and inquired as to whether or not anyone else knew about it. Mr. Mole answered honestly and quickly found out the consequences for his actions. Big Brother immediately turned on Little Brother.

The Elitist sounded the alarm and immediately tried to put Mr. Mole on lock down. Fortunately for Mr. Mole, his tech was significantly faster then the Elitist's. He was shocked to find out that the mole had already begun to surpass him, buying the the little guy enough time for a quick escape. As Mr. Mole was fleeing he heard his mentor spewing accusations of treason. He knew he had to go into hiding.

Mr. Mole was eventually able to find a spot to lay low long enough to disable anything on his equipment that would enable tracking it. After that, he added some stealth features with parts he stole as he fled and was soon able to begin search for a new headquarters. He eventually found a safe haven in the Rocky Mountains and began to put together his hideout. He started work on his computer in order to hack the Elitist's to find out what the official story on him was. After several modifications he eventually felt safe enough to find out "what happened."

Charges of treason and construction of blueprints for a super-weapon were among the first stories he heard. As he dove more into those stories he saw that he was being accused of being an inter-dimensional alien that was somehow seeking to weaponize a digital plane. He watched as the Elitist explained to the General that Cybernation had been compromised, and that somehow this being disguised as a mole was seeking to use his homeland to destroy their existence. The only thing worse then having your brother betray you is having your father believe the lies being told about you. The General, trusting the Elitist and not trusting the one who fled upon accusation, put Little Brother on S-DAD's most wanted list.

Mr. Mole knew he could do nothing about it. The Elitist was too big of a part of S-DAG and his fleeing made him look like a traitor. Suffering from the pain of betrayal, Mr. Mole decided not to back away from S-DAG's challenge. If they were going to put him on their most wanted list then he was going to earn the title of traitor himself. With superior technology and stronger conviction our little super-genius declared war on S-DAG. First step? Secure the plans for the Omni Project and learn how to hack this Cybernation.

Tuned in next week for:

Gorilla Ghost: Wrong Time, Wrong Place

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