Outpouring Special Edition Series

Sunday January 24, 2016 08:47:pm

Hello everyone! I know we're currently in the middle of our Charging Forward series but today we're going to take a little break from that to put the spotlight on something new we are doing at Outpouring. Don't worry, we will continue to Charge Forward tomorrow, but for now we will talk about the Outpouring Special Edition Series.

Each month we will be featuring a Special Edition print at our shows and online. This print will be created based off of something from that month and will be illustrated by the best that Outpouring Comics has to offer. This month (through the end of February) we will be featuring a football print for the Super Bowl. Now I know I said it was for the Super Bowl but we are not going to feature the Broncos, Cardinals, Panthers or Patriots. Instead we will pit the Outpouring Network and the Outpouring Universe versus each other. The three representatives from the Network will be Godfrey's Vampire (Vampire of the Lost Highway), Major Nature (Major Nature) and the Intruder (The Intruder). The three representatives from the Universe will be Invincible (Heroes United), Gorilla Ghost (VODA) and Necroczar (Manifest Destiny). Did we mention that Mac and Trouble will be the referees?

The print turned out great as you can see, and now is the time to give credit to the team that put this awesome project together. Quick shout out to yours truly who came up with the concept.

Jay Taylor: He did the pencils for this project. He is the penciler and co-creator of our Heroes United series which we will be featuring tomorrow and releasing at the end of March. His non-Outpouring credits include his work with On the Square Comics, including the Centralia and Opposing Forces titles. D Forrest Fox: He did the inks for this project. He is the inker for Heroes United and the penciler/inker for the next Shadow Games. He has done inks for many different mainstream and independent companies.

Steve Lisefski: He did the colors for this project. Steve has numerous Outpouring credits, from last year's anniversary package, colors for Chronicles of Roshomon, Heroes United, Shadow Games and VODA. His non-Outpouring credits span many different mainstream and independent companies as well. You can find this print on Ebay right now! Pick up your copy today! http://www.ebay.com/itm/252264404709?ssPageName=ST... Our next print will have a Saint Patrick's Day theme. We do not yet have a team put together, but we will announce it once we have the print ready for launch. Until then, we hope that enjoy this new Super Bowl print and the Outpouring Special Edition Series.

Until then, happy reading!

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