Recap: Camden Comic Con

Tuesday April 12, 2016 04:54:pm

Hello Everyone! Author's Chosen if officially launching its weekly recap of what's happening with Outpouring Comics. Normally it will be on Mondays and it will just recap the previous Monday through Sunday, but this time I will be covering the previous two weeks because they have both been really busy for us. Two weeks ago marked the beginning of our busiest stretch of the year, starting with the release of Doodled.

Doodled, Spring 2016

That's right folks, we have published our first picture book! Doodled is a book of illustrations done in the unique style that only Kaleb Temple can provide. This book features head shots of 52 different characters ranging from celebrities, to presidents, to every day people. Each comes with an original quote that the character may have said. This first installment featured celebrities who have recently passed on, including David Bowe and Alan Rickman. It also featured Black History Month, President's Day, St. Patricks Day and the Super Bowl. We will be releasing these art books quarterly featuring recent and seasonal content in addition to everyday people.

For Daily Doodles don't forget to follow Doodled on Facebook:

OSES Easter 11x17 Print

Doodled wasn't our only series that saw a lot of action over the past two week, Outpouring Special Edition Series (OSES) and Inheritance did as well. OSES released its print for Easter featuring Mac, Trouble and VODA's Mr. Mole (Who I fired to reclaim the position of CEO from). In addition to this print, John Orlando and Steven Lisefski have been hard at work on Outpouring's Anniversary package. OSES has slowly leaked black and white images of the characters on the print in preparation for its release.

For anniversary teasers and seasonal prints follow OSES on Facebook:

Inheritance, Binding of Three, Part 1

Inheritance stayed busy by launching a major PR campaign this week in light of their release at Amazicon this weekend. News of the release has been shipped out to all of the major horror outlets, including:Dread Central, Decay Mag and Horror Novel Reviews. In addition to this, creator James D. Schumacher III was featured on Super Hero Speak and co-creator James Burton was featured on Without Your Head Radio.

To more on Inheritance follow Inheritance Comic Book on Facebook:

Releases are not the only things that have been keeping us busy, our streak of consecutive conventions has officially begun! It began two weeks ago at Jersey Shore Comic Book show and continued this past weekend at Camden Comic Con. Jersey Shore Comic Book show was hosted by Mary and Dan Campbell at the Elk Lodge in Toms River, NJ. This has always been a great networking show for us and we have been able to add several great guys to the team as a result of attending it. Fernando Jimenez, Don Smith and Jay Taylor are just a few and this show was no exception. More news to come on this at a later date.

This past weekend, Camden Comic Con was just as good. Steven Lisefski did a great job running the show for us as I needed to take a sick day. We featured guest artist Criss Madd as we were surrounded by many other awesome guys from our team, including: Terrell Jefferson, Fernando Jimenez and Jay Taylor. Rusty Gilligan was representing the OC team at Ocean City Con this past weekend and Terry Pavlet set up at Wizard Con in Madison.

So many incredible things have been happening of recent and many more amazing experiences await within the near future. We look forward to seeing each of you in the near future at one of our shows and hope you continue to enjoy our new releases. Until next time, happy reading!

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