Charging Forward: Chronicles of Roshomon

Friday January 22, 2016 10:39:pm

Hello Everyone! We are Charging Forward into the New Year! A New Year in which you can expect many new amazing releases from both the Outpouring Network and the Outpouring Universe. Over the course of this blog series we will be sharing with you a sneak peak of the new comics and books we will be releasing in the first quarter. Today we will be featuring the long awaited Outpouring Universe title: Chronicles of Roshomon.

Its about time. I have been talking about my fantasy novel for some time now and I am proud to say this time it really is near completion. Final revisions have been done and it is now ready for the editor. Add this to the fact that the artistic team is closing in on the final pieces of artwork and we are now closing in on our final release date. Let me not get too far ahead of myself, let's share the road that has gotten us to this point. Second Great War of Mysterium, the first book in the Chronicles of Roshomon series, was supposed to be the second title we brought to the table. Little did we know, the challenges we would face.

What started as a 25-30 chapter story quickly began to grow. It was then that I realized that writing a book was completely different then writing a comic. I knew I had a great story to tell and quickly found out I was limiting its potential with our early estimates. I took it back to the drawing board to make it more then it already was. I needed to put more time into it before I could pass it off to an editor.

One revision led to another and slowly the story took an even better direction then I had originally planned. Names changed, focuses were transferred, and some characters received lesser and/or greater roles. I am proud to say that I have finally finished these revisions earlier this month.

I am glad that we waited for the story to be complete instead of rushing out the project. It gave us time to resolve other issues we encountered along the way. We have now found a great editor as Rusty Gilligan has introduced us to Arthur Gibson. We also now understand what we are doing as far as actually publishing a book. Publishing a comic and book are completely different, but now with Major Nature and one other side project under our belt we are ready to tackle Chronicles of Roshomon.

Now let's meet the team! We have reunited the original VODA team with help from a few others. Yours truly is both the creator and writer of the book and series. Sketch illustrations are mostly provided by Kent Willis, but he has received some assistance from J Travis Smith. Finally, as mentioned before, Arthur Gibson will be editing this story.

Now for a little about Chronicles of Roshomon. In this series the reader will be reading directly from the journal of the ageless storyteller and assassin Roshomon. He is a dark elf who was the first being ever to walk out of the Origin of Time. He began his journey with parchment, quill and ink in his hands and thus took it upon himself to keep a record of time itself.

Second Great War of Mysterium is Roshomon's account of the early days of the war between the Dominium Empire and the Great Bestial Alliance. The reader will follow the story as it is happening, flipping through the pages of his illustrated journal. Sketches appear in the story whenever Roshomon has time to draw being that he fancies himself a bit of an artist. They help to paint the mood and show some of what is happening in the story.

In addition to the journal entries, we are including an index in the back describing the mythos, important families and places of Mysterium. This was included to help answer any questions the reader my have. Add this to the map of the region and we have provided a resource book that is entertaining on its own. All total the journal entries and index should end up between 500-600 pages.

Be looking for announcements to be made on this new Outpouring Universe title live from C2E2. We will be relaunching Pre-Orders live at the show that weekend. In addition to this we will also be revealing some sneak peaks at this March 18-20 gathering.

The journey has been long to get here but we are now approaching the final product. It feels good to finally be where we are and we will not be slowing down on this project until its complete. Then it will feel great!

Next up? Charging Forward: Heroes United

Until next time, Happy reading!

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