Charging Forward: Freedom Fighter

Saturday January 16, 2016 11:12:pm

Hello Everyone! We are Charging Forward into the New Year! A New Year in which you can expect many new amazing releases from both the Outpouring Network and the Outpouring Universe. Over the course of this blog series we will be sharing with you a sneak peak of the new comics and books we will be releasing in the first quarter. Today we will be featuring an Outpouring Network title: Freedom Fighter!


Back at the end of the summer we began talks with the co-creators of Freedom Fighter: Michael Heitkemper and AJ Fulcher. They submitted their project to us through our website and caught our eye with both their artwork and synopsis. We reached out to them and things moved forward quickly from there. Soon afterward we got their signatures on a contract.


Michael is a very down-to-earth and friendly guy, we immediately hit it off with him. He shared both his love for comics and country with us and why he thought Freedom Fighter would be a great fit for Outpouring. Whenever we had a question or request he always had an answer but always remained flexible. I knew that Michael would be a valuable asset to Outpouring.

AJ was just as agreeable. His passion for art and a drive to make it in the industry had caught our eye. He has been working on Freedom Fighter diligently since that day and has already been able to crank out the pencils for four complete comics in addition to a 9 card trading card set and promotional artwork. The professionalism, quality, and timeliness of the whole Freedom Fighter team is sure to make this series a success.

Freedom cover.png

Here's a quick breakdown of the Freedom Fighter team and some of what they have already achieved:

Co-Created and Written by Michael Heitkemper. He is a published writer of several short
stories and books which include, “Becoming Mortal gods,” “Manipulation and
Murder,” and “Lucid Dreams.”

Co-Created and Penciled by A.J. Fulcher. He is an up and coming, talented artist whose first
published work is an independently published comic book called “Strength

Inks and Colors by Rohvel Yumul. He is a well versed artist who has worked
with Zenescope Entertainment Comics for “Grimm Fairy Tales,” as well as Realm Knights Comics and Dynamite Comics, for “Red Sonja” and “Chosen” one shots.

Lettering by Micah Myers. He is a letterer of many independent comics on the
web and in print, as well as the creator of some very interesting comic book crafts.


I'm sure you don't want to just talk about the creators, besides what kind of preview would this be if I didn't share some story. The Freedom Fighter is the world’s first government owned and funded super hero. The stories not only tell about his missions and adventures but also share the struggles with the corruption of the bureaucrats who control him. Add this to the mystery and secrets surrounding the original Freedom Fighter and you have one heck of a spy thriller.

The series should capture the eyes of a fairly wide audience, including fans of: super hero stories, spy thrillers, and political dramas. To summarize the story in one sentence I would say: James Bond meets Captain America.


The first comic in the series is set to launch in the digital market on February 6. Two weeks later it will make its physical debut at Khem Con on February 20th. You will be able to pre-order your copy of Freedom Fighter starting January 23 to ensure you get a copy from the first batch! It is set to be a 12 comic maxi-series and each comic will contain two separate Free Fighter stories. If the series does well it can be extended to an ongoing series.

We have careful been planning and preparing for this release the last few months, and are excited to say we are ready. A lot of time and effort has gone into making Freedom Fight another great Outpouring title. We hope you are looking forward to reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Next up? Charging Forward: Psychosis

Until tomorrow, happy reading!

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