Charging Forward: Heroes United

Tuesday January 26, 2016 10:28:pm

Hello Everyone! We are Charging Forward into the New Year! A New Year in which you can expect many new amazing releases from both the Outpouring Network and the Outpouring Universe. Over the course of this blog series we will be sharing with you a sneak peak of the new comics and books we will be releasing in the first quarter. Today we will be featuring a new Outpouring Universe title: Heroes United.


The Heroes United have landing their own line in the Outpouring Universe. We first debuted this team as the main antagonist in the second issue of VODA. In that comic, Invincible (the team leader) beat the crap out of Deadeye until Mr. Mole arrived on the scene to rescue him. The Link and Dr. Paine (human form) also made their first appearances in that title. The team was very popular as a VODA antagonist so much so they earned their own line.

The team that appears in the first Heroes United does look a little different then the team that appeared in VODA issue 2. The most notable change will be Invincible's overall appearance. He has gotten a haircut and a costume upgrade since his antagonist days but he remains just as formidable (if not more) as he was then. In addition to this tweak, they also added two new members: Avril and The Wanderer.

We'll cover more of the hero team later in this entry, but for now let's take a quick break to reveal the team that has put this together. You are already familiar with the team if you have been following Outpouring at all, but here's a quick refresher on who they are and where you met them:

VODA Cover 2.PNG

Jon Miller: Yep, I'm back again, this time as both a co-creator and the writer. My other Outpouring creator credits include: all Outpouring Universe titles; specifically VODA, In Limbo, Manifest Destiny and Chronicles of Roshomon. Writer credits include VODA and Chronicles of Roshomon.

Jay Taylor: Teamed up with me as the co-creator and penciler of this project. Jay's other Outpouring credits include pencils for the Super Bowl poster in the Outpouring Special Edition Series.

D Forrest Fox: This project features incredible inks from Fox. You will also recognize him as the inker of the Super Bowl poster. He has also taken over the pencils and inks for Shadow Games.

Steve Lisefski: The talented Outpouring colorist strikes again. Anything Outpouring has done with color has somehow included Steve. His credits include: Year one anniversary package, 2GWoM posters, Super Bowl poster, Shadow Games, Manifest Destiny and VODA.

SuperBowl Post low res.jpg

Sarah Miller: The up and coming Outpouring letterer continues to grow. Sarah has lettered numerous titles for Outpouring, including: VODA, Manifest Destiny, Shadow Games. She also has started as the letterer for both Inheritance and Vampire of the Lost Highway.

Yes, we put together a top Outpouring team for this amazing, new super hero line. Enough about us, though, let's talk about the project. The series will show the early struggles of a super hero team as it begins to form. The government has just legalized heroes as a result of too many villain groups rising up against them. They contacted the known hero teams that they haven't hunted down to let them know that they can continue their work without fear. Our team begins to look for direction on what to do next. Amidst arguments, petty conflicts, villain attacks and new recruits they search for their identity to someday unite.

In this first issue they come up with an initial plan to better the team as they take sides in a brother/sister feud which is destroying a city. Read all about it as Invincible and company battle alongside to Terraybss to stop the Demolistionist from wrecking havok, and see how this decision effects the team as a whole.


In addition to this story we will also be featuring our first Outpouring short at the end of the comic. A five page story will be devoted to another Outpouring Universe team as Blockbuster makes their first appearance. Blockbuster is a super team that is trying to record the ultimate movie. They have been watching the hero and villain groups of the planet, both studying and manipulating their moves in order to create this sure-fire hit. Be looking for their continuing story in several Outpouring Universe titles.

We plan on debuting the Heroes United at C2E2, March 18-20. Pre-Orders will be available starting February 27. Look for the book to hit the digital market on March 12.

We have a lot in store for these teams and the North American region of the Outpouring Universe as a whole. Continue to look for all of these titles and shorts throughout the year as we seek to expand our universe.

This concludes our first quarter installment of Charging Forward. Next, I will featuring a series that covers other the new tasks and promotions Outpouring will be undertaking in my Big Idea series.

Coming later this week...

Big Idea: Digital Trading Card Set

Until next time, happy reading!

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