Charging Forward: Psychosis

Monday January 18, 2016 11:05:pm

Hello Everyone! We are Charging Forward into the New Year! A New Year in which you can expect many new amazing releases from both the Outpouring Network and the Outpouring Universe. Over the course of this blog series we will be sharing with you a sneak peak of the new comics and books we will be releasing in the first quarter. Today we will be featuring an Outpouring Network title: Psychosis!

At the end of the fall we began open submissions and had several great projects sent to us. One of them caught our eye even more for then the others. That one was Psychosis. Psychosis had our attention immediately for several reasons. Yeah, we could talk about the quality of the artwork, or the strong script. We could also talk about the fact that the series already had two comics released and a strong fan base. These were great reasons to look into it further, but they were not the only reasons. Psychosis set itself apart from all of the other great submissions as a result of its diversity. For one, it fills a hole in the Outpouring library. Psychosis is post apocalyptic tale, we have a lot of horror, thriller, adventure and superhero books both released and coming out this year, but none in this particular genre. Not only that but the main protagonist, Victor, is not your typical hero. You will notice something different about him early on and even moreso as the series continues. These aren't even the only things that make the line diverse.

The thing that makes Psychosis even more diverse for us is its creators. The creative team is from Canada. Outpouring Comics and Psychosis have officially gone international! This opens up even more doors for both us and the Psychosis team. We will be expanding into Canadian comic shops hopefully by the end of the first quarter and Psychosis will be expanding into shops here by February! Being from Canada isn't the only great thing about our new team members, there is so much more. Adam Atkinson (writer and letterer) is an incredibly driven and focused individual. His energy is contagious and has helped our team in so many ways already. In addition to that, he is a very friendly and reasonable individual.

David Coates (artist) is just as driven and motivated as Adam. Though he has played the part of the silent protagonist so far he has proven to be both very insight and intelligent. He has a lot of comic and business sense and he already is a valued member of our team. His credits are the same as his Co-Creator, Adam: the first two books in the Psychosis series.

Now let's take a sneak peak at some of which Psychosis has in store for us. The story follows a man named Victor whose world has gone to hell. 100 years ago, The Great Purge the tore the earth asunder. Many mutated and gained abilities forming the next species, the NewGens. They rose to power decimating the population of the world. NewGens in power gave rise to the SeVeN, a team of this superior species backed by corrupt and rich humans. Victor and his team plan on fighting the system and taking back their world.

For those of you who are fans of post apocalyptic tales like the Fallout series, Psychosis will be just what you're looking for. As the story progresses its darker side will continue to grow. By the end of the 20 plus book series you may not even recognize who Victor is anymore as Psychosis will consume him.

The first comic in the series is set to launch in the digital market on January 23. A month later it will make its physical debut in the States at Khem Con on February 20th along with yesterday's feature, Freedom Fighter. You will be able to pre-order your copy of Psychosis starting January 23 to ensure you get a copy from the first batch! We will be bringing issue 2 to the US in May of this year. Its third installment (the next in Canada) will be released in both countries in the fall. It is set to be a 20+ comic maxi-series.

We have been working hard to create a plan for both the current fans of Psychosis and their future ones. Both teams have been working diligently as our international expansions push us all to even higher heights. We hope the new fans will love it as much as the old fans and that the old fans will love the new direction Outpouring and Psychosis are going.

Next up? Charging Forward: Heroes United

Until tomorrow, happy reading!

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