Moving Forward: Heroes United?

Tuesday June 28, 2016 07:55:pm

Hello everyone! Its been far too long since we last spoke, I hope all has been well with you since then. Finally back, excited, energized and ready begin the next chapter of Outpouring. I'm sure most of you are aware that we have recently discontinued our other creator owned titles to get back to our original passion, the Outpouring Universe. I wish all of our former creators well as some are continuing to distribute through us and other have gone their own way. This new set of blog entries is not designed to reflect on the past, however, but rather to look to Moving Forward in the future.

Today we will be focusing on a title that we featured earlier this year that has yet to make it to print. A few production snags delayed Heroes United at first but we soon came to realize that it was for the better. Heroes United was originally designed to reflect on the early days of a super hero team as they came together to overcome their start-up obstacles. It has since then evolved into something far different. Heroes United? Has now added the question mark to reflect a group of heroes that have joined together for completely different reasons. Yes, the series still focuses on their early struggles, but it really takes a close look at the “team” dynamic which is very much lacking.

Fame, love, vengeance and curiosity are just a few of their motivations that create conflict for a group of individuals masquerading as a team. Power struggles, jealously and hidden agendas will further complicate their plans in the future, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Before you become concerned I will let you know that there will still be plenty of action. The good guys will still unite against a greater threat. But you will be left with the question whether the villains or their own dysfunction are the true greater threat.

As for production, the comic is in its final stages. The colorist and letterer are both nearing completion and anticipate to be there within the next week. The concept for the new logo has been finalized and will soon be finished as it captures both heroic and divided themes. A release date will be announced within the next two weeks. We will be debuting this book at Newark Comic Con from both Jay Taylor's (penciler/co-writer) and my tables.

We are Moving Forward with Heroes United? And are excited for all the future has in store for both the series and us a whole. We hope that you have been able to capture some of our passion and are looking forward to it as much as we are.

Until next time, happy reading!

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