Orlando's Visage Studio Anthology

Featuring Roy Thomas

The Intruder
An aging crook runs afoul of a shape-changing alien who is on the lam from an intergalactic cop. The Intruder’s plan is to seize power, acquire wealth, and ultimately sow the seeds of destruction on the Earth’s population. His reason is only to revel in his success then head off to another planet to repeat the process. Now it is the task of the two cops from two worlds to stop the evil of the Intruder.

Doc Behemoth
A team of adventurers travel beneath New York City to explore a volcanic eruption that has occurred, only to have their leader, discover the massive body of a giant alien creature and have his intellect transfer to the beast and run rampant throughout the city.

Doctor Warlock, Slither, and Cyberagent join forces as the dysfunctional group Cybergen to battle the mutated Simon Kilgore and his synthorg Mutoids. Are there greater evils afoot for our daring heroes then the mighty Simon Kilgore? Find out in Cybergen.

Journey into Madness
Journey into Madness is a collection of short horror stories created and written by John Orlando. The horror story collection in these books pays tribute to the Atlas pre-code horror comics of the early 1950's.




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