The year is 2134. It has been almost a hundred years since society as we know it disappeared. Cities were brought to the ground in days, governments in weeks, and entire countries in mere months. Two thirds of the population had died off before the year's end. This is what is written in the history books as "The Great Purge".

The Great Purge tore the Earth asunder. Many of the remaining population mutated and gained abilities forming a new species dubbed NewGens. The NewGens rose to power decimating the population of the world and eventually gave rise to SeVeN, Six Newgens and one very rich and powerful human. They make the decisions now. They choose who lives, who dies and who prospers..

That was nearly 50 years ago...

Victor Stevens is a calm, collected and stable young man. He does his best to get by with what life has given him... the short end of the stick. His other side, Psychosis, is cocky, arrogant, and always one step ahead of the opposition, Psychosis relies on no one but himself while Victor trusts his friends to help them through. Despite their differences they stand against the might of SeVeN together.

Which side will prove stronger in their battle for control?



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